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Copy Editing 
Developmental Editing
Content Editing

1. Correcting faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

2. Correcting incorrect usage (such as affect for effect).

3. Changing passive voice to active voice.

4. Eliminating wordiness and cliche'.

5. Suggesting deletions and revisions, noting them at the sentence and paragraph level.

6. Consistency in spelling, hyphenation, and creating variations at sentence and/or paragraph structure to tone and tempo.

7. Style and Syntax

8. Rewriting and restructuring the text.

9. Moving entire paragraphs and sentences to improve flow.

10. Character Development.

11. Plot.

12. Character and Story Arcs.

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Editing Reviews 

April 26, 2026
"Working with Robbi was a wonderful experience. Her editing was in-depth and extremely helpful, always keeping in mind the integrity of the story. Her availability for conversation via email or phone call was invaluable during the editing process. I can't wait to work with her again on my second novel."
                                                     --Alex Moores, Living in Water

Creative Non-Fiction
If you have completed a draft manuscript for a creative non-fiction piece, or a novel, and are looking around for a dynamite developmental/copy editor, let me help you shortcut the process by recommending Robbi Sommers Bryant.

Although Robbi is perhaps best known in her current capacity as President of Redwood Writers, and for her award-winning novels, “Dream & The Beautiful Evil,” in recent months, I have come to appreciate her professional talents as an editor of my first novel, Hardpan.

As a first-time novelist, I approached the task of finding a good editor very carefully. After contacting six prospective editors, most of whom had been recommended to me by fellow writers, Robbi quickly emerged at the top of the list. Here’s why:
   1) Although she didn’t know my work, Robbi demonstrated in my story and offered to provide me a sample edit of the first ten pages of my novel without charge. This sample proved to be the primary reason I selected her. She responded very quickly, and the edits and recommended improvements were on the mark.

    2) Robbi’s edits were far more than traditional copy edits (grammar & spelling corrections; flagging overused words, etc.). She also offered sage advice about the content and the structure, pointing out the need to rewrite problem areas, and ways to develop or strengthen the character arcs. The “developmental editing” proved to be invaluable to improving my manuscript on many levels. All of this editing was provided for a very reasonable price.

    3) Robbi is a phenomenal collaborator and this attribute made the whole process very enjoyable despite its inherent challenges. She was always respectful of my writing.  She consulted with me as needed to ensure she had a good understanding of my direction for the novel before she recommended changes. It was a process of mutual respect and professional collaboration—from my perspective, an optimal combination.    Marilyn Skinner Lanier,  Hardpan

Series Fiction
Robbi Sommers Bryant is THE best friend of authors. Her careful edits and story line suggestions have been thorough and helped to elevate my writing to high levels of quality. She doesn't miss a thing and is so much more than sentence structure and spelling. She truly cares about her clients and makes great suggestions for the material. I highly recommend her for any project and give her service five stars! - Pamela


When I completed my first draft of my manuscript, I attended a Redwood Writer’s meeting to learn about the club and possibly meet someone interested in editing my manuscript. That’s the day I met Robbi. I told her a bit about my memoir and she seemed genuinely interested in my work. I met other editors as well, the same day, but there was something about Robbi with whom I felt an immediate connection.
That was on a Sunday. Two days later, I phoned Robbi to discuss my manuscript further and what I was looking for as far as the editing process. We talked in great detail, clarifying my needs and her explaining what to expect during the process.
We met a couple of days later, and voilà, I hired her to edit my very personal, intimate memoir.
The first edit utterly blew me away with an extraordinary amount of exceptional edits. I was speechless and admired her talent. We completed many drafts. It was very emotional for me. Robbi was not only compassionate, supportive and patient, but she gave expert advice. I learned more about writing skills and grammar during the process I could have imagined. Robbi suggested many ideas, besides grammatical corrections, and assisted with developing my narrative. She had me delve deeper into my memory to write more descriptive and detailed stories. I learned how to grab the reader’s attention and keep them engaged. We shaped, molded and created my final manuscript within my deadline. Robbi created the title of my book as well as many of the chapter titles.
I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the result.

I highly recommend Robbi Sommers Bryant as a dedicated and skilled editor.  Pamela Fender,  Beside Myself - Recovery From My Family Betrayal and Estrangement - A  Memoir

Literary Fiction

Robbi Bryant has a writer’s feel for style and structure, the critical components of any good work of writing.  Whether you need a last draft review to be certain your grammar is sound and your thoughts well expressed, or you want help with more complex development issues around plot and character, Robbi can help you through the editing process.  An author of award-winning fiction, Robbi tackles editing with a reader’s eyes.  She’s a pro!"

William Haigwood, and novelist.


Robbi Sommers Bryant edited my manuscript. She did an excellent job. She's fast and efficient. I didn't have to wait weeks for her to do the work. She took on the job and made me feel like her priority, even though I know she had other clients.

I highly recommend Robbi for all your editing needs.

Paul Greenberg

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